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Omega 3 Reviews



Among the three fatty acids being discussed, Omega 3 is probably the most popular one. One of the reasons for this is the fact that food and product manufacturers have recognized the health benefits of this element and continue to include it in their respective products. While in the grocery store, one will definitely see a lot of food products that claim to have a sufficient amount of Omega 3 in it.  


The best way to describe how Omega 3 works is by using the metaphor of a stoplight. This is pretty much how this element functions for the body’s cell membrane. It allows nutrients to enter the cells until it reaches its optimum level while also allowing wastes to leave the cells and prevents them from re-entering.



Health Benefits

Omega 3 has been known to not only promote healthy cells, but it is also considered to have a lot of preventive and curative properties. Some of the conditions or diseases it can help cure or prevent include cancer (prostate, colon, and breast cancer in particular) and some cardiovascular diseases. It also helps boost the immune system, brain health, and can serve as an anti-inflammatory remedy.



Possible Side Effects

In terms of side effects, patients who suffer from some form of congestive heart failure are usually asked to stay away from excessive amounts of Omega 3. Recent studies have shown how this element may not be too beneficial for folks who have problems with their heart’s blood flow.



Best Sources Of Omega 3

The best source of Omega 3 is fish. To be more specific, fatty fish like herring, sardines, mackerel, and salmon all contain a good amount of Omega 3.


As mentioned earlier, a number of food products in the market are also fortified with this essential fatty acid.

This includes:

Most baked goods



Infant formulas

Some eggs (those that are Omega 3-enhanced)



Pumpkin seeds



Other good sources of Omega 3 are some cooking oils:

Soybean oil

Canola oil

Flax seed oil




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