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K-Omega Squa Omega 3 6 9 Reviews



Sometimes, a multi-EFA diet supplement comes along that gets mislabelled as containing Omega 3, 6 and 9 but actually contains only Omega 3, which is not to say it’s bad.  On the contrary, knowing that you don’t need Omega 6 or 9 supplementation as you are already getting a lot of them in your daily diet makes the product worth considering.


K-Omega Squa Omega 3 6 9 is one such diet supplement that also contains Vitamin E and Squalene. Manufactured and distributed worldwide by Malaysia-based K-Link International, K-Omega Squa Omega 3 6 9 carries the promise of correcting the imbalance of Omega ratios in our diets.



How K-Omega Squa Omega 3 6 9 Works?

Omega 3 is an Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) that has been clinically proven over the last 30 years to be instrumental in significantly reducing the risks of:

Heart disease

Certain hormone-dependent cancer types like colon, prostate and breast cancers

Lowering triglyceride (bad cholesterol) and blood pressure levels

Improve mental acuity

Reduced risks of arthritis


Bad moon swings

Alzheimer’s disease


But with modern foods, the body gets more Omega 6 fatty acids, which is also good, but the ratio gets skewed to it. Typical diets often start at 1:10 up to 1:30 in Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios.


Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids are adequate in typical diets of meats, poultry and vegetables and often most abundant. Supplementing your diet with Omega 6 and Omega 9 is totally redundant and poses more harm than good as it makes the imbalance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 no less bad.


If you already take in a 1:10 ratio of the two fatty acids, getting a supplement with a 1:1 ratio won’t improve your health. Good thing there are Omega 3 only supplements than can correct the imbalance.


K-Omega Squa Omega 3 6 9 is one of them. It contains Omega 3 but no nutritional detail is available at its product website. The European German K-Link site has some details like 500mg of Omega 3, 500mg of Squalene and a very minimal 3 IU of Vitamin E.


Recommended dosage is 1-2 soft gels daily or 3-6 for those suffering any ailment.


Where To Buy K-Omega Squa Omega 3 6 9?

Promotional information on the K-Omega Squa Omega 3 6 9 can be found at

www.k-link.co.uk/?pid=20 but it’s rather skeletal with no nutritional product detail.


You’d be better off visiting the K-link Europe site at:



A bottle of K-Omega Squa Omega 3 6 9 containing 1000mg of 30 soft gels cost 24.99€. No shipping or return policy information is available in both sites.




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